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***Box of 6 cans*** Specially formulated for stencil, applicator or freehand marking. Suitable for use on playing fields, roads and car parks, warehouses and golf courses. Acrylic based paints provide a hard wearing coverage in seven different colours and large 750ml cans. ***PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP THESE PAINTS TO NORTHERN IRELAND***
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GPR Glasses for Red Beam Laser.
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GPI GPR-R9 Battery Pack. 1.2V NI-MH 3500mAH. Compatible with the GPR R95 Laser Level and the GPR G9 Laser Level.
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NiMH Battery charger for the GPR-R95 and GPR-G9 Laser Level Kit. Input voltage: 100-240V~,50-60Hz Output voltage:7.5V.
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The Nedo Winklefix Mini measure angles up to 180° quickly and accurately. Easy to use, you simply position the Winkelfix and the angle is shown in degrees on the analogue display. This angle finder is a reliable, robust and convenient tool for use in the building trade.
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Powder-coated extruded aluminium construction (1.1mm thick). Milled V-groove bottom face for accuracy and pipework applications. Ribbed sides, protective end caps and hanging hole. Highly visible, UV-resistant 45, 90 and 180 vials. Accurate to 1mm/m.
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This 30m fibreglass surveyors' tape from Silverline is part of our budget range of tapes and offers terrific value for money for a fibreglass tape of this length. A conventionally designed, closed case design, this tool is ideal for those carrying out DIY, home or light professional tasks.
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Conveniently storable in the instrument container, the GMP111-0 offers high positional accuracy due to their small size. *ONLY 1 AVAILABLE*
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High capacity: 4 x 1.2V NiMH 5000mAh 6Wh in battery cradle.​​​​​​​ Suitable for the following Lasers ONLY: LL300 LL300N LL400 HV301 HV301G HV401 GL412 (**NOT SUITABLE FOR GL412N - WOULD REQUIRE Q104234 NiMH 10,000 mAH***) GL422 (**NOT SUITABLE FOR GL412N - WOULD REQUIRE Q104234 NiMH 10,000 mAH***)
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Ultra high capacity: 4 x 1.2V NiMH 10,000mAh in a battery cradle.​​​​​​​ Suitable for the followings Lasers ONLY: LL300S LL400HV HV302 HV302G GL412N GL512N GL422N
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70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel effective to remove bacteria and viruses from hands as part of an infection control policy. Evaporates from hands without leaving residue and odour.
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**Bulk Order** Disposable Protective Face Masks 3ply. Manufactured from a non woven material, which reduces the spread of droplets when in a hospitality setting. Single use face mask moulds to your face and is securely held in place by loops which go over your ears.
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6 point adjustable PE suspension harness, Good impact resistance performance, Compatible with a range of accessories and one size fits all. Colour: Orange.
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Suitable for all shoe sizes, our Disposable Overshoes fit into a wide range of professional environments. Used predominantly in catering and medical businesses, these single-use covers are made from a blue polythene. They are worn to keep bacteria, environmental allergens and outside contamination from crossing over onto carpets, kitchens and medical theatres. The elasticated fit stretches to accommodate all shoe types while holding securely around the ankle. Each one is waterproof, highly durable and an economical option for even the tightest of budgets. Alternatively, they work great on children's muddy shoes or visiting contractors.
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**Bulk Order** Bulk Buy Disposable 3ply Face Mask 3p Each - Bulk buy, total of 4,500 masks. Disposable Protective Face Masks 3ply. Manufactured from a non woven material, which reduces the spread of droplets whilst in a care home, school, nursery or public environment. Single use face mask moulds to your face and is securely held in place by loops which go over your ears.
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Clean paint, oil, grease and grime from your hands with these mildly abrasive moist hand wipes. Ideal for in the workshop or off-site/on the road when water is not readily available. Help lift the dirt from your hands without rinsing.
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Multi purpose and economical wipes, suitable for all trades. Safely clean grease, grime, oil and adhesives from surfaces or tools.
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Velcro Fastening, 2 Band and Brace, Contrast Piping and Conforms to EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 Class 1. 100% Polyester. COLOUR OPTIONS - Orange or Yellow.
X Large
XX Large
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Respiratory face masks which reduce the spread of infection. The KN95 Face Mask are FFP2 equivalent. The face mask fits tightly to the face and covers the mouth and nose. The KN95 face mask secures to the face by elasticated bands holding it behind the ears. They are FFP2 equivalent and are shown to reduce contact with the mouth and nose by at least 95% which reduces the spread of infection through coughing, sneezing and talking.
£222.00 (inc. VAT)
Take the guess work out of levelling with the mm reading Imex detectors. Up to 0.5mm reading in up to a 90mm window. The Imex Digital Detectors range increases your accuracy and efficiency. 
£8.28 (inc. VAT)
Premium quality, quick drying tough industrial acrylic paint. Good resistance to weathering and cracking. Suitable for use on most metals, wood and rigid plastics. Suitable for over-coating of all conventional primers. Size: 500ml
£3.59 (inc. VAT)
Mixed Fibre Yellow Colour Glove, Coated with Hard Wearing Latex on The Palm and Fingertips, Suitable for Building, Construction, Concrete & Brick Handling.
£168.00 (inc. VAT)
The Spectra Precision® HR320 Laser Sensor / Receiver is a durable laser receiver for exterior leveling applications. LCD’s on the front and back display a 5 segment grade arrow that indicates grade position. A loud beeper is designed to be heard on noisy job sites. Fine and medium accuracies are selectable to meet various applications and conditions.
£288.00 (inc. VAT)
This sensor digitally displays the offset value to on-grade, which is designed to help make elevation and vertical alignment control easier and faster for any application. The LS-100D features an extra-wide beam capture sensor that also rejects annoying interference from strobe light exposures. The large and bright LCD displays (front and back) feature 9-channels of grade information and digitally display the distance to on-grade. By pressing the hold button, the display is locked so the user can conveniently read the results.