Beach Detecting

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  • C Scope CS4Pi Beach Detector

    C Scope CS4Pi Beach Detector

    £320.00 £384.00 (inc. VAT)
    The CS4PI is an extremely powerful metal detector designed for use where most other detectors struggle, on the beach. The ‘switch-on-and-go’ principle makes the CS4Pi a joy to use for anyone, even if they’ve never used a detector before. Just compare that with some of our competitors whose machines require all sorts of complicated adjustments to work on wet salt beaches. The CS4Pi has a distinctive cleverly designed control box which can quickly be detached from the stem and belt mounted around the body. The CS4Pi is a high performance treasure finding tool which can perform its specialised functions better than some competitors machines at five times the price. If you want to be the one to recover a share of the tons of valuables lost on beaches each year, the CS4PI has got to form part of your detecting kit.